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Pinnacle Peak - Home of the Cowboy Steak
Over the years, customers have asked us "What is a Cowboy Steak?"

Well, I'll tell ya:

First - To be called a Cowboy Steak the steak must be cut from a selected beef short loin. Therefore, it has to be either a Porterhouse (the first one or two cuts), a T-Bone, or a Club (the last one or two cuts). No other steak, no matter the cut or how good it is, can rightly be called a "Cowboy Steak".

Second - All Pinnacle Peak steaks are dry aged for at least 21 days and are then carefully trimmed to our specifications- the tail can't be too darn long, the bark (side cover) should be pretty narrow, and there should be very little filet fat on the tenderloin side. The bone and what trim is left on a Cowboy Steak is only there to enhance the flavor of the beef.

Third - A Cowboy Steak has got to be cooked over a roaring wood coal fire on an open grill and seasoned just right. The wood that is used for this fire has to be mesquite - no other kind of wood will do. Mesquite charcoal reaches temperatures from 600 to 900 degrees Fahrenheit. The smoke from mesquite imparts a special flavor unique to Pinnacle Peak Steaks.

Finally - A Cowboy Steak should always be eaten in a real western atmosphere. While there may be paved streets, steel buildings, rushing traffic, and the hustle and bustle of a busy city outside, inside Pinnacle Peak is all Country.

You are probably asking yourself, how come we're so smart and know all this? Well, when you've been cookin' great steaks for over 40 years you learn a thing or two about beef.

Come on in and try one of our mouth-watering absolutely delicious Cowboy Steaks!

See ya soon!

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