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Pinnacle Peak Customer Testimonials

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I have recently moved to the area and had decided to give your restaurant a try.  So, I took my sister and went to the Colton location on the night of 07/28/11.  I had the most amazing experience.  We saw a tie cutting, which I have never seen before and thought was hysterical!  The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful and the ambiance of the restaurant was very welcoming.  I loved the names that you have for your staff members.  I was helped by Hoss, who was just as friendly as could be.  He was very knowledgeable of the menu as was able to recommend the most amazing steak.  Also, the manager Jodi was fantastic.  She came by to check on us several times, and even brought an extra chair over for my purse so that it wouldn't have to sit on the ground.  I was very impressed by that, as most people would have just ignored it or told me to push my purse further under the table.  Overall, I have to tell you that I have quickly become a fan of your establishment and plan to frequent it quite often.

Lori Cook

We all were very happy with everything for our event. The food was great, and you and your staff went over the top to provide us with everything necessary for a successful event. The fruit plates were a great idea; thank you for providing them. I appreciated the constant contact with you, it made me feel more confident in planning this event. 
Thanks again for everything.

Marolyn V.
Olivenhain, CA

The excitement of participating in our son's West Coast wedding was ALMOST eclipsed by our dread of managing logistics for a 'family get together' from 3000 miles away. I found Pinnacle Peak through a Google search, fully aware of the chances I was taking on this special event for our two families. It was perhaps the most fortuitous search I've ever performed. Pinnacle Peak made for a delicious and spectacular event. Mike patiently worked us through the planning and ordering process via e-mail and phone, and handled our special requests for diabetic and celiac diets, along with sensitive deference to religiously-dictated food constraints. He even visited my son's in-law's property to make certain the buckboard set up would work. He didn't leave anything to chance and that was a huge relief to us. Mike and his team made this such a great, carefree event. The steak, chicken and shrimp were delicious - cooked on-site and with more than enough for our hungry crowd. Suffice to say, Pinnacle Peak delivered as promised, and then some! The meal set the tone for the remainder of the wedding weekend, and we are so grateful to Mike for all his efforts. P.S.  We look forward to an East Coast opening of Pinnacle Peak !

Maureen and Ed Herrmann
Duxbury , MA

Hello there! You know, it was just a great day! There wasn't anything that went haywire and it just was perfect. You and your team were awesome and the food was great. Coming from this crowd of folks you can surely take that as a HUGE compliment! I appreciate your help and finesse in pulling it all off, and look forward to something else to plan. If there is one thing I think you could improve on, it would be the sound strength of your dinner bell! :)
Please tell the guys they were wonderful as well and "Thank you." You can bank that we'll be into Pinnacle Peak again soon. I have put some of your fliers around and will refer to you anyone who asks about catering. Thanks again, and I hope to see you sometime soon. Please keep me in mind if I can be of any help. Take care and have a great day.
Noelle C.
Crest, CA

You guys were great. Our two main company bosses loved you, and, as one of them put it, when you find quality service you stick with it. The main problem is finding quality service and quality food.


I'm super excited for next year and super excited that I know where to go for my events. I hope to be in touch soon. I ate at Pinnacle Peak for lunch and dinner yesterday since I left my credit card there after lunch. My husband said I like the food, so I did it intentionally. HAHA Maybe subconsciously he is right!


Also, the fruit kabobs were such a hit people were still talking about them yesterday. That might be an idea for the restaurant or to add to your catering menu. They don't look difficult at all, and everyone was just super thrilled with those. The vegetarian we bought them for got there late so she didn't get one. It was hilarious.


Overall an awesome experience.  Take care and keep in touch.


Very Respectfully,


Courtney V.

Sierra Madre, CA



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